December 19, 2017

2018 Recruiting and Staffing Conference Agenda

Your Program Snapshot.

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Wednesday – June 6

Welcome Cocktail Reception and Glow-Ball Golf!


Thursday – June 7

Early Morning Chapter Leadership Forum – how to get involved, meet other leaders, and make a difference!


Opening Keynote:

Chase Wilson, VP of Product Innovation

How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Will Change Everything
You Think You Know About Recruiting…and how it won’t. 

Humans are tool builders.  For thousands of years people slowly developed tools in all areas of life and civilization to become the most efficient, productive species on the planet.  Then just two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution transformed history even further, when for the first time, machines began providing “muscle energy” to produce, build, and transport.

Today, machines are transforming the world yet again. Yet this age is not about locomotives, electricity, or even the personal computer. It’s about harnessing information. Machines have started providing “mind energy”.  Cars can drive themselves. Computers win game shows. We even willingly converse with bots, sometimes without even realizing it. This is the New Industrial Revolution—the Information Age.  This combined with tectonic shifts in demographics and consumer behavior will dramatically reshape how we work, what jobs we fill, and how we recruit new talent.

In this session, VP of Product Innovation, Chase T. Wilson of examines how these shifts will impact jobs, employers, and job seekers.   What does artificial intelligence really mean to the world of recruiting?  How automation  will begin transforming, if not, eliminating many occupations?  What does this mean for the economy as a whole?  Where should companies began to focus their efforts for new talent needs and the jobs that do not yet exist?

The Information Age is here.  Are you ready?


Morning Panel: “The Future is NOW!”

Moderator:  Tania Fiero, Innovative Employee Solutions

Panel:  Ninh Tran,  Hiretual
             Laura Stoker,  AIRS
             Greg Schedcik, TruBlue
             Mary Anne McLaughlin,  Buttler Street, LLC
             Jim Durbin, Social Media Headhunter

Listen and engage this panel of experts and early adopters who will discuss and debate threats and opportunities and why this knowledge matters to your growth and survival:

  • The current and future impact of technology including AI, ChatBots, IA, Advanced Analytics, etc.
  • The professional AND personal attributes you will need for the immediate and long-term future such as Empathy, Judgment and Decision Making, Cognitive Flexibility, Complex Problem Solving (hint: this is NOT filling orders,) and Creativity.
  • What’s already in play and working and what’s not (yet) for both Permanent Recruitment firms and Temporary/Contract Staffing

Bring your questions – plenty of time for Audience Q&A!


Throughout Conference: More quality time for attendees to get to know our Sponsors and Industry Partners! Breakfasts and first day’s lunch are open-forum!



10hr (2 Half Day Sessions) for OSHA Certificated Risk Management Training.

(Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Engineering, etc,: your clients are going to start requiring this! Get ahead of the curve.

This OSHA Outreach Training Program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. The program also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint. OSHA-Authorized Outreach Trainers John Egoavil and Scott Bicksler will deliver 10 hours of interactive topics you and your employees can use to ensure compliance with the Temporary Worker Initiative.

  • Advanced Internet Search training and updates, Tearing Down the Myth of Complicated Sourcing

  • Deeper Dive into Emotional Intelligence and Why it’s more important than ever!

  • Casting a Deeper and Wider Net with AI Sourcing

  • Keeping Pace with Disruption Embracing Radical Change  . . .  for your survival!

  • “What your mother never told you about having an ATS”  –  best practices for vetting ATS vendors, creating professional relationships with them and managing your software post-purchase.

Friday – June 8

  • 2018 Certified Harassment Training
    (Even if you certified last year – the laws have changed!)

  • Legal updates that could have a HUGE impact on your bottom-line in 2018 and beyond. California Legislature is NOT friendly to our industry


SPECIAL Half-Day Intensive WorkShop Sessions for Sales and Recruiters!

(*Included in Full Conference Price so that attendees don’t miss out on all the other new and informative content (and parties!)

Morning Sales Workshop – Rob Mosley, the Trainer of Sales-Trainers!

 Become the Influencer: Developing Power in Negotiation –

 “How can I be an effective negotiator when it seems as if my client has all the power?”

So goes the relationship, so goes negotiation, so goes the sell. Your behaviors largely dictate how a customer sees you in the relationship and treats you in negotiation.

We will explore the connection in your sales behavior and how a customer is treating you in a negotiation.

Why is this so important?  If you fail to differentiate by your approach then you will be forced to differentiate by price.


Afternoon Recruiter Workshop, Scott Love, Recruiting Author and Trainer,

Back by popular demand from 2016!

Candidate Exclusivity: How to Get Candidates to Work with You and Only You

  • How to build immediate trust and rapport with candidates
  • How to leave voice mails and linkedin messages that get response
  • How to pitch your client’s opportunity in a way that hits the hot buttons
  • How to get candidates to keep from disappearing

 Client Development: The One Hour a Day Formula

  • How to adjust your strategy to maximize your potential
  • How to create distinction and capture the attention of new clients
  • How to get clients to always be responsive
  • How to hit the hot buttons to charge higher fees


  • Background Investigations, Salary History, Criminal History: How to keep yourself out of the courts and avoid VERY high penalties and settlements in California!

  • Creating On-Line Community and Building Deeper Relationships (Hint, it’s not just about LinkedIn!)

  • Automating Sales and Recruiting Processes to free yourself and your team for more human interaction – increase placements both Temp, Contract and Perm Recruiting

  • NLP is NOT just for robots

  •  Deep-Web Candidate Sourcing

  • What Your Mother Never Told You About Picking an ATS!

  • Friday Night Masquerade Gala “The Future is Here,” (Dress up and wear a mask, or come as you are for dining, DINING, DANCING, CASINO under the stars!)


Saturday, June 9th

Breakfast Raffle (Apple Watch/Phone/GPS)

CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Mentally Prepared for Anything!!

Patricia Conlin, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Recruiting Leader, Black Belt Martial Artist and International Health and Success Coach will help wrap up Conference 2018 with an energizing session on what we need to finish 2018 at the top of our game!