March 8, 2018

Alan Lasky, Ph.D.

Employer liability begins long before an employee’s first day on the job.  Get the inside scoop as we take a fresh look at one of the most precarious, litigious, and misunderstood components of the employee life cycle:

Background Screening and How to Reduce Risk – 2018 Screening Compliance

Join Dr. Alan Lasky from Universal Background Screening for an engaging an interactive presentation, which will review recent changes in regulations and trends in the screening industry. Alan will provide the latest insights and share real-world applied solutions on how to reduce hiring risk, discussing general screening compliance while focusing on the California Staffing industry.

Alan will focus on best practices for new hires as well as ongoing screening within your organization. Topics of discussion include:

  • How the background screening process works
  • Recent litigation/class action lawsuits against employers and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Recent articles that exemplify why it is critical to always follow best practice procedures
  • Federal (FCRA) and state-specific guidelines/legislation
  • EEOC, FTC, and other regulatory updates
  • Ban the Box updates
  • Your questions and concerns



Alan Lasky is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Universal Background Screening and has been in the background screening industry for over 17 years.

Throughout his career, his focus has been on screening compliance, working with regulatory/safety-sensitive populations and spending much of his time conducting trainings and seminars, pertaining to background screening regulations and trends.

His experience includes helping thousands of organizations with their screening programs, even consulting with the Pentagon on security programs for military base civilian screening.  Alan holds a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with Industrial Organizational Emphasis from CSPP/Alliant University – Los Angeles.

Senior Vice President, Sales
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