April 21, 2018

Doug Coull –

“What Your Mother Never Told You About Picking An ATS”

Companies can make software purchases under the guise of false information and without a well-designed business strategy. This informative and interactive session is designed to take the mystery and confusion out of selecting and maintaining an ATS, by addressing the most important actions people need to take before, during and after their purchase.


Doug Coull is the founder and CEO of APS, Inc., makers of SmartSearch talent acquisition and staffing management software. Doug founded APS in 1986 after a successful management career in the contract engineering industry. Envisioning a new approach to candidate management, APS, under Doug’s leadership, pioneered resume scanning based systems. In the ensuing years APS has continued as one of the industry’s most innovative software developers in the HR field with customers on five continents and serving both the staffing industry and corporate HR. A leader in technology development for over 30 years, Doug brings a unique perspective to the development and user adoption of software and technology in the HR community.  He attended Augustana College and the University of Minnesota, is the father of two sons and an avid automobile enthusiast. Doug lives in North San Diego County, California.

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