March 17, 2018

Ita Harris

Thursday Afternoon Breakout (Co-Presenting with Rob Moseley): Breaking Barriers –  “How do I encourage the development of EQ and begin to shift paradigms from individual roles to effective team participation and leadership?”

This is a mini session of our “Breaking Barriers, Building Teams(3BT)” workshop.  “3BT” is designed for leaders, managers and individual contributors looking for better way to leverage professional knowledge, influence people and more effectively manage processes between and across teams.

We will give a snapshot overview of the models used in the full program with emphasis on the Breaking Barriers


Ita is a Senior Director of Client Services for Next Level Exchange/Mastery. She joined NLE five years ago from Kaye/Bassman International’s Insurance & Risk Management practice. A high-level client concierge in practice, she is responsible for delivering strategic and operational solutions, implementing objectives and developing policies and procedures for the organization. She consults with clients on development and planning of learning programs and marketing initiatives to encourage participation in Next Level Mastery programs.

As a licensed Lumina Learning facilitator, Ita is passionate about sharing innovative psychometric tools with our clients to bring a greater self-awareness and practical development to our industry and improve communication, efficiency, teamwork and leadership. She believes building a successful brand and organization is not just about sales, marketing and leadership; it’s about having the right internal processes, programs and learning opportunities in place to support each initiative and team member.

While capitalizing on her recruiting and event management background she keeps an eye on professional relationships and organizational culture as a result of her early experiences. Before joining Next Level Mastery, Ita managed marketing and communication programs, continued education programs, fundraising program development for non-profit organizations and tradeshow exhibit design and staffing, event coordination and related marketing training. She kept her eye on strategic marketing/communication plans for multiple companies nationwide as well as recruiting and training staff on tradeshow/marketing programs and how to maximize the footprint in their markets. Ita capitalizes on her event management background while at the same time leveraging professional relationships and organizational culture.

Ita attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University where, as a member of Tri Sigma, she developed a passion for philanthropy. She is an active volunteer within the community and charitable organizations with a passion for travel, music and animals.

Ita Harris | Senior Director of Client Services | direct 214.556.8018 | cell 214.886.6554

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