May 22, 2018

Jim Durbin

AI Panel

Jim works with AI and Blockchain startups in Dallas, advising on projects that tackle coming trends in HR/TA Technology. As a trainer, Jim has worked with over 9,000 staffing and TA recruiters on how to adjust to new technology, and the importance of understanding the recruiting process in the face of automation.


Thursday Afternoon Presentation: You Can’t Be Replaced by a Robot If…

In this lively talk, Jim shares what makes recruiters valuable in the face of automation. Using the story of John Henry, he lays out a timeline of what recruiting will look like in the next five years, what skills you’ll need to thrive, and most important, how you as a recruiter are the indispensable key to better hiring. From the trap of social media to everyday productivity enhancers, you’ll leave this session with an understanding of how the recruiting process still needs you.


Jim Durbin is a sourcing manager for Peoplescout, a former headhunter, and the former owner of an interactive B2B marketing firm. From his early days as a blogger to his work with AI and Blockchain companies, Jim has been valued speaker on such topics as hiring systems, technology trends, and online marketing. On the side, he trained over 9,000 executives and recruiters on digital recruiting methods. Prior to starting his first social media company in 2006, Jim was a top performer as a Sales Executive for national firms. Jim is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and currently lives in Dallas.