April 27, 2018

Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training for AIRS


The amount of user-generated content available on the web today continues to amass at an unprecedented rate. Navigating that information to locate great candidates can be challenging even for experienced sourcers and recruiters. However, in this day of readily available “people info” on the web, it doesn’t require smoke and mirrors and fancy “hacks” to find great candidates, it just takes some smarts and a little bit of tenacity.

With so much noise about different tactics for sourcing candidates today, it can be overwhelming and even intimidating for recruiters. It’s not necessary to use all of the tools that seem to be the hottest and trending sites for candidate sourcing, but it is important to use the most beneficial tools that get to the right people quickly.  This workshop is built to teach attendees how to filter out the noise and use the right resources that are available today for getting to candidates fast.  Use what works and ignore the rest.

Figuring out the path of least resistance will be the focus of this interactive sourcing workshop.  The session will explore how to locate relevant candidate leads quickly and without a lot of complex searches.  It will help both experienced and beginning professionals learn how to find people information that is readily available on the web. Recruiters need to be imaginative in their approach to sourcing top talent today and this session will help attendees redefine their daily recruiting activities.


  • A variety of less traveled sites that sourcers can utilize to quickly produce targeted leads without complex searches.
  • How to be smart and efficient to accomplish sourcing goals in a limited timeframe.
  • The best free resources for locating quality candidates
  • How to leverage uncommon sites to find “people info”
  • How to be bold and move beyond searching for just resumes to locate relevant professional information from a variety of web resources.

About Laura Stoker

Laura began her recruiting career as a researcher for executive search firms working on both international and domestic projects. During her career Laura has worked as a recruiter and internet search specialist for executive search firms, staffing agencies, as well as corporations both domestically and in Europe. Laura attended one of the first AIRS training courses in 1997 and built on that experience to shape a 19 year career as a subject matter expert in recruiting and internet sourcing. Joining AIRS in 2000, she has had the opportunity to train recruitment professionals all over the world. She has been a speaker at numerous industry conferences around the world including SHRM, ERE, Onrec, SOSU and Recruiting Trends. She spent a year studying at the University of Tübingen in Germany and received a degree in English with an emphasis in German from Colorado State University – Pueblo.

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