Post-Con Comments

Here is just a snapshot of comments we received from this year’s conference:

“Content rich! Great networking! Casino night was a lot of fun. We’ll be back!”

“We were able to make some great new contacts, and meet with some folks that we have had relationships with over the years.  It was a great show!”

“Congratulations to you & the CSP volunteers who worked so hard to make the conference a fun-filled success for both attendees and exhibitors alike. We had a great time and you can count on our support next year.”

“This was the best statewide staffing conference I have ever been to. Class act!”

“Our team loved the mix of new speakers with our “old” favorites. It was good to hear perspectives 3 (or 4?) generations in our industry. Fresh AI content was very informative in a scary yet exciting way. Mask-making event was unique and fun, and the Friday night masquerade and casino party were a blast.”

“We were glad to be a part of this. Looking forward to next year!”

“The AI Keynote and following panel was extremely informative and a refreshing change. Would have liked more time and interaction with the panel members. Maybe next year start with panel then break into roundtables? Fun parties, too!”  

“I especially liked that both keynotes knew the recruitment and staffing industry.”

“We had a great show and we’re glad we could donate for the raffle!”

“Appreciated having more open time during breakfast for table talk and product demos.”

“Really good speakers, even though some were different than the original schedule. The social media topic was covered well.”

“We will certainly have to do the raffle again as it did seem like a big hit!”  

“My day with Scott Love was very informative and the whole conference was very nicely done. I felt very welcomed and I hope I am very successful and can come back to the US for this experience next year!”


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