February 5, 2017

Bob Marshall

Back by Popular Demand . . Hosting 2 Sessions:

Session 1: How to Establish Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communication

Bob Marshall has been in the recruitment industry for over 38 years as a Recruiter, Office Manager, Division VP, Consultant, CEO and Trainer.  During his many years as a Trainer, he has developed a repertoire of some 45 different presentations, and the one he is asked for over and over again is the one you will hear today.

This 90-minute presentation deals with understanding the three different communication modes that we all face in our personal and business lives.

One of the keys to success in this (as in any business or endeavor) is to be able to recognize not only which mode in which we best communicate but, most importantly, to have the ability to change ‘chameleonishly’ to another mode if the situation calls for it.  As Bob often says, “We need to be noted for our flexibility!”

Be prepared in this presentation to learn to speak two ‘foreign’ languages that, while English, are not where we usually process information.  Bob will give us ‘shortcuts’ with which to master these languages so that when we return to our offices we will then be able to address all of our clients and colleagues, not just the one-third who communicate in the same way as we do.  By so doing, we will finally be able to reach that highest plateau of human communication where the establishment of ‘Elegant Rapport’ takes place on each and every interaction.

Session 2: ‘Words Matter’ Messages That Work -Voicemails and Emails

 Any recruiter worth their salt knows that words matter, especially the RIGHT words in the RIGHT situation. In this session, recruitment coach and trainer Bob Marshall of TBMG International will demonstrate the power of words in relation to voicemail and email messages.

Voicemails and Emails are viable (and overlooked) tools that recruiters can use to enhance their desk and bill more.  In this information-packed presentation, Bob will share his special scripts for both recruiting AND marketing.

These scripts are designed to elicit a prescribed response that will help knock down the barriers and overcome the obstacles that recruiters face.

 In this session Bob will cover:

“The Personal Connection, Peer Pressure and Social Leverage, Provide A Reason (‘Because’ I Said So), Throw in The Frog, Choose Your Numbers Wisely, Keep It Short & Simple, Use Your Recipient’s Name More Than Once, Be Diverse and Different, Don’t Go Wide”

Bob will also discuss The Messaging Formula and provide Marketing and Recruiting Scripts.

And finally, he will cover his 10 commandments on why people don’t respond to your messages.