David Searns

Recruitment Marketing Masterclass

Modern strategies to attract talent, reduce no-shows and improve fill rates.

Over the year months, recruiting has gone from tough to nearly impossible.
Consider these statistics:

Labor force participation rates have fallen to 1977 levels.
3.9M people quit their jobs in December 2021….31% more than 2020!
There are now 4.4 million more job openings than job seekers.
And the cost per application has increased more 36% in the past year.

Employers (and executive recruiters) have been facing a recruiting perfect storm of increased labor demand, reduced supply, and strong incentives for people to disengage from the workforce.

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets to overcome these challenges. However, there are a lot of things you can do to attract top talent and improve your placement rates. In this session, David Searns, Co-CEO, David Searns at Haley Marketing, will review the issues and strategies for attracting talent, reducing ghosting, and getting more of your assignments filled.