March 2, 2018

Patricia Conlin

Mentally Prepared for Anything!

Keynote  Saturday, June 9, 2018

In this high energy action packed key note presentation you will learn how to build incredible relationships and become a Stress Management Guru and mentally invincible!! You will receive powerful tips that work to connect better with clients and candidates using Emotional Intelligence Tools. You will learn how to read politically charged situations, navigate through the hidden agendas of internal recruiters and rebuild lost client and candidate relationships. You will learn powerful stress busting techniques to build incredible internal resilience to navigate more successfully through the ups and downs of recruitment.   This session will include hand-outs, work-sheets and offer a chance to win a copy of Patricia’s coaching and her recent book.  You will be actively participating is some educational exercises with partners to reinforce training concepts.

Some of what you will learn in this session includes:

  • How to turn hostile prospects into loyal clients with Emotional Intelligence tools!
  • Stress Busting Techniques that will help you become an invincible negotiator!
  • Relationship strategies that work with internal recruiters to avoid being viewed as a competitor and build a trusted advisor relationship!
  • The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication and how your body language might be sabotaging your success!
  • Powerful tips to resolve Conflict with clients and candidates for more placements!
  • Learning when to walk away to get better deals!

Patricia Conlin

Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Recruiting Leader, Black Belt Martial Artist and International Health and Success Coach

Patricia is the founder of Global Consulting Group Inc. For the past two decades, she and her team have delivered quality solutions for recruitment, retention, coaching and transition for a long list of loyal clients ranging from large national corporations to small local innovators.  Patricia is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Trainer. She coaches corporations on ways to improve Engagement and Energy all over North America. She was nominated for a Toronto Business Leader Award in 2015 for Wellness. She has created an on-line Course for healthy leadership.

Patricia also heads up the Corporate Wellness division of Global Consulting Group (GCG). Her passion for health and personal development has led Patricia to become an Author and energetic and engaging Public Speaker. Her book, available on Amazon and other sites: ABCs of Food: Boost your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition.

Patricia was the first woman in Canada to earn a Black Belt in the Martial Art of Shoot Wrestling.

She was selected in 1992 to be a part of the Canadian Olympic Team. She plays and coaches competitive soccer, has 2 boys and is an active member of her community.


Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Ontario

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Diploma with Honours

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Languages: Patricia speaks French, German and some Spanish


(905) 472-9677 ext. 241