Scott Ravanesi Testimonial

What is So Good about California Staffing Professionals Conference?
By Scott Ravanesi

200There are several reasons why Assurance has continued to support CSP and attend the annual conference for the last few years.

First of all, the industry updates no matter if you are an exhibitor or attendee and the topics at the conference are relevant to everyone and keeps you informed on what is happening to the industry as a whole. Be it ACA, Legislative updates, new technology, I always learn something new.

My favorite part of the entire conference is listening to some of the speakers. It’s refreshing to hear that my daily grind is similar to the struggles others deal with, and I like hearing other people’s strategies on how to overcome it. In addition, the speakers are all top notch and I feel much more motivated after listening to them.

Networking is obviously one of the main goals I try accomplishing while I am at CSP. Whether it is networking with other vendors and exhibitors or introducing myself to new people within the industry, having 200 people that live and breathe staffing in the same room is an amazing experience and opportunity.