Shannon Erdell – 2018 Conference Chair

Shannon Erdell, CEO
ARIA Executive Search


In many areas of life, there is no substitute for experience, but there is also a lot of risk in that belief because often “we don’t know what we don’t know.” In today’s world, technical innovations including AI are happening at light-speed. Brain science is providing new information on how people feel and think and why they act in certain ways. All of this knowledge has the potential to completely disrupt the workplace, including the recruiting and staffing world – in VERY positive ways.

Our conferences are always jam-packed with informative content: time management, sales and negotiations, motivation (yours and your clients’ and candidates’,) recruiting tips and best practices, business cost savings, legal and legislative issues, social media recruiting and marketing; much usable content that has proven to pay for its expense 5 times over!

This year our committee’s is dedicated to making 2018 the best ever by also bringing you the latest information on Artificial Intelligence ( “AI” ) in the workplace, current thoughts on Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”,) and also tips to improving our mental and physical well-being. All of these are keys to improving our systems and processes as well as our relationships with clients and prospects, candidates, employees and colleagues and will in the spotlight during Thursday morning’s panel discussion.

Oh!…and peer-to-peer camaraderie! You’ll spend plenty of quality time with 3 diverse generations of owners, recruiters, sales people, coordinators, sourcers, office staff, and our industry partners sharing their experiences, concerns and ideas!

Last, but not least: The cocktail hours and parties are never to be missed!

Please join me and attend with open mind and an open heart, and be ready to work and play! YOU DESERVE IT!