Judy Lawton Testimonial

What is So Good about California Staffing Professionals Conference?
By Judy Lawton

2015 Headshot Judy Lawton (2)It was a rainy day in San Diego today so I had plenty of time to pen and really go through the latest tease about the May CSP Conference. I shot straight to the agenda to see what might tickle my fancy and WHOH! Barb Bruno is coming back! She’s championing a Recruiters Retreat all day on Saturday. How smart is that? To hold this important training tool when great recruiters and those who are destined to become great have some time to devote to honing the skills of their chosen profession! What an incredible opportunity to meet and mix with their industry peers in a “recruitment safe” environment to learn new ideas with a seasoned and proven staffing professional like Barb.

What do I mean by “recruitment safe?” CSP members subscribe to a Code of Ethics that spells out in no uncertain terms that there will be no attempts to poach other CSP member’s employees. This is a rule that is strictly adhered to you can trust that they take no prisoners in enforcing this. When you send your valuable employees to CSP events, you can do so with complete trust. As members, we treat each other that way as well. Lots of reciprocity relationships are developed at these conferences and lots of state-wide business deals take shape between members. Just imagine being able to bid on large contracts with companies who have branches all over the state knowing you had competent staffing industry partners throughout California. Come and explore some of these possibilities for yourself! California Staffing Professionals is holding its annual conference this year in Indian Wells, CA at the fabulous Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa on May 18 – May 21st, 2016!